Interactieve indoorreclame voor buiten


Het New Yorkse bedrijf “Inwindow Outdoor” (je moet wat als exploitant…) heeft in een etalage een nieuwe techniek gedemonstreerd waarmee interactie met voorbijgangers verkregen wordt (in dit geval voor de nieuwe Toyata Scion tC).
Bekijk het volgende filmpje op YouTube:
Inwindow Outdoor, the leader in storefront-based outdoor advertising, has launched a uniquely interactive outdoor display for the Toyota Scion tC featuring motion detection technology that allows passer-bys to affect the content seen in the window. The display, created in partnership with Monster Media, a digital media company, is currently available for viewing at properties in New York and Chicago and will run through April 13.
The Scion tC is a limited release vehicle designed to appeal to the Generation Y market with numerous standard features and easily added option features. Only 2,300 will be produced for sale in the United States. The Inwindow display uses sophisticated motion detecting technology to underscore the elusive nature of these cars, which are floating in bubbles that quickly disperse when a person approaches the display.
“We’ve seen large brand advertisers quickly gravitate to the concept of storefront display advertising as they’ve seen the impact and value,” said Steve Birnhak, CEO of Inwindow Outdoor. “Now, these same companies are looking to us to create displays that are more dynamic, interactive and attention grabbing.
I’ve personally walked past the Scion display in New York City and seen people gathered in front interacting with the display. The technology allows us greater ability to draw people in and we intend to continue to grow out this capability for other clients and displays.”
In addition to Monster Media, Inwindow also worked with Malbon Bros. Farms and Attik to bring the display to life. In New York, the display can be found at 1033 6th Avenue at 38th Street while the Chicago location is 630 North Rush Street.
About Inwindow Outdoor
Located in New York City, Inwindow Outdoor is an innovative outdoor advertising company that specializes in providing advertisers with high profile messages in prime storefront locations throughout the United States. Our client list includes well-respected national brands such as Washington Mutual, Discovery Networks, Ford, Motorola, Target, CW Network, HBO, Coca-Cola, BMW and Samsung. The company was founded in 2002. For more information, please visit

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